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Why Us?
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We have been voted as BEST THAI SPA in Calgary 2021. We are so honored! Thank you

2022 Travellers’ Choice Award Winner

Our Story…

Savanna Thai Massage Therapy is a locally owned, traditional Thai massage and therapy clinic located in Calgary. Our clinic was born from a labour of love from our team of founders and employees, who came together to realize their vision of a holistic clinic built on exceptional service and a unique experience for every single client. With decades of traditional and modern experience between them, the staff brings healing and message techniques from around the world, including Thailand and Southeast Asia. We deeply appreciate every guest because with your support, we are able to build our dream practice and lift our own spirits.

At Savanna Thai, we offer massages in a variety of styles – Traditional Thai Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Dynamic Cupping, Thai Herbal Massage, Pre- and Post-natal Massage, Reflexology, and more.

Please book your massage therapy appointment with us today and experience the difference yourself!

Our Mission...

At Savanna Thai Massage, we live by our mission:

To provide an exceptional, personalized experience that honours each client’s needs and wellness goals in a professional, friendly and respectful manner.

This means we are committed to providing an experience that is unique to you. Every client who walks through our door will get an initial interview with one of our friendly and highly-skilled therapists to identify your wellness goals. As you progress in your treatment, regular feedback both during and after treatments will help adjust the plan and continue the progress towards overall well-being.

Here is what sets us apart from others:

•A 60-minute massage lasts 60 minutes! Most spas treat clients for only 50 minutes of a one-hour massage.
•We offer complimentary aromatherapy, hot stone, cupping, and warm towels - no extra cost!
•We offer complimentary pure Epsom salts to take home for post-care baths. This can help loosen stiff joints and speed up the healing process.
•We are the only one in Calgary using the traditional Thai "Herbal Ball," handmade from 100% organic herbs. This treatment helps relieve stress and fatigue, and boosts both emotional and physical well-being.
•We use organic coconut oil, which is a safe and effective moisturizer for the skin. Also, we use only high-quality massage oil that is safe for all skin type and provides many additional health benefits.
•Our linens are laundered by a professional service, for a fresh, clean feel every time.

Benefits of Massage Therapy...

Massage Therapy has been a sacred system of natural healing for more than 5,000 years. Today, there are many styles and treatments available for a wide variety of symptoms and ailments. Overall, massage therapy is beneficial to:

•Reduce stress
•Alleviate pain
•Relax muscles
•Improve circulation
•Improve mobility .